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الْعَزِيزُ – AL – AZIZ – All Mighty – Asma Ul Husna

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الْعَزِيزُ – AL – AZIZ – All Mighty – Asma Ul Husna- Asma Ul Husna – 99 names of Allah using Islamic Calligraphy- Genesis collection by Abdal Mufti – renowned Pakistani digital artist with over 175,000 followers on Instagram- Each NFT holder of genesis collection will be airdropped an e-book with all 99 names of Allah along with their meanings. You will also be able to download a high resolution, printable version of your NFT- The first few pieces are free for anyone on a first come first served basis, followed by a promotional pricing and tiered approach- Instagram: @AbdalMufti- Twitter: @muftiabdal

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